Who Runs the World?

Being a mum means being the anticipator of needs: Who needs a bottle? Who needs a nappy change? A meal? A PE kitbag? A dental appointment? An ironed shirt? A winter coat? Is it a 10 min nap, or a 1 hour sleep? Who knows!

The list of needs, of other people’s needs, is endless and continually regenerating. As soon as you solve one problem, get one load in the wash, make one batch of spag bol, another one rears up and needs your attention.

Now, honestly, how many times do you go through your own list? Do you even have one? How frequently do you put off doing something for yourself because everyone else is shouting so much louder? And you have to keep going because, let’s face it, 9 times out of 10, you’re running the show.

You get swept along in the tidal wave of family demands and forget that you too need attention. You need encouragement, you need someone to care for you, someone who has your back.

TeamMama is all about looking after the mums who look after everyone else. We are your own personal cheerleaders (and whilst your partner, your family are of course supportive, we cheer you on without then asking for a pair of clean pants). We allow you to be present in the moment, to think about and strive for something that you want, that’s going to make you feel better.

For lots of our mums, running or exercising becomes their own personal therapy and TeamMama classes become their support group. Now: we know your body has taken a battering through pregnancy and childbirth, and we always recommend that our mums wait 12 weeks before returning to high impact exercise. Don’t worry though…starting our classes, low impact, after your 6 week GP sign off is fine! Under our guidance, we will help you to build up your confidence, strength and pelvic floor. You will also re-discover those long forgotten (!) core muscles and surround yourself with support and friendship through those tough early days.

Like any healing process, your body and your mind need fresh air and time to repair. Be kind to yourself, be realistic and listen to your body. If it hurts, or leaks…slow down!

Here we just want to add that although it is not unusual to have pelvic floor problems you shouldn’t have to just ‘accept it’… we can help you and direct you to an army of professionals, from Women’s Health Physios to your GP. Don’t be afraid to chat about it. We totally understand and can help, advise or answer any questions.

We look after you, your body and also your mind, and if you decide that you want to start running…no… NEED to start running, running away from the tantrums, nappies, sleep deprived craziness of motherhood, WE GET IT! We’re there, supporting you and rooting for you. We help you set goals, and we help you work towards them and achieve them. One of the greatest things for us is seeing our mums get where they want to be. Because we know they’ve managed to do it whilst also sorting out everyone else along the way.

So, do our mums run? Hell yeah. They run the world.

Take a look at our return to running programme here.

TeamMama bring you a community of support: FitMama Classes, CoreMama Classes, Personal Training, MamaCheck, MamaCoach and TotalMama.

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