Postnatal exercise- FAQ

How soon after giving birth can I begin exercise?

You should wait until you have had your 6-8 week postnatal check with your midwife of GP, and they have given you the go-ahead to attend classes before coming to a TeamMama class. In the meantime, your midwife or physio should have given you some exercises to carry out in the first days and weeks following the birth of your child. These will include exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles starting within the first 24 hours following birth, and gentle exercises to strengthen the other core muscles and help realign your body following the stresses of pregnancy. If you have not been doing these exercises, don’t worry- it’s never too late to start. We will help you connect with these important muscles during all of our classes.

I’ve been told, or suspect I have a separation of my tummy muscles (diastasis recti)- is it still safe to exercise?

Yes! However, there are certain exercises you should avoid while your tummy muscles ‘heal’…and also exercised that are particularly good for you to do to help close the gap. TeamMama Trainers are qualified in Postnatal Exercise Prescription, and can advise you on what you should, and shouldn’t do. If you aren’t sure if you have a gap or not, mention this to a Trainer, who will happily check for you and advise you what is safe for you to do. You will have your separation checked on a regular basis to assess the progress. If you have a separation of your tummy muscles, you may wish to come along to the CoreMama classes to complement the FitMama classes.

Is it safe for both me and baby to exercise whilst breastfeeding?

Yes! You should make sure you wear a well fitted sports bra (normal feeding bras aren’t supportive enough). It is also important you don’t overdo it when stretching due to the retention of a hormone that affects your joints.

Your baby can still safely feed after you exercise. Very occasionally, women may find their babies are a little more fussy during feeds directly after strenuous exercise due to a change in taste of the milk- you may wish to wait 20 minutes after the end of your class to feed your baby if this is the case.

Do I need a special buggy to come to TeamMama classes?

No- all of our classes are held in the beautiful surrounds of Nonsuch Park. When we are jogging or walking with the buggies, we stick to the many different paths around the Park. We recommend babies who do not yet have good head control are secured in car seats fixed to pushchairs where possible, or to have their heads supported in a pushchair with towels.

I’d love to come to classes, but I’m worried I won’t keep up- what should I do?

Come along and try a class for free- we’re sure you’ll love it. Uniquely, each of our TeamMama classes are run by two experienced trainers. This allows us to really tailor the classes to the fitness requirements of individuals within the group, and give each Mama the attention they deserve throughout the class.